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Double Award Celebration For Stelrad’s Radical Radiator!


Leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad Radiators is celebrating winning not one but two impressive accolades in two weeks, both relating to its impressive new energy saving serial feed radiator, the Radical!

The first award it won was in the national H&V News Awards 2013 where it picked up the award for Best Domestic H&V Product of the Year. It was just ‘coming down off the ceiling’ from winning that award when it found out it had also won the Best Retrofit Product of the Year in the Greenbuild Awards 2013 as well.

Along with the many product and installation benefits it offers, the Radical Radiator is fully assessed by KIWA as offering a 10.5% energy saving over traditional radiators, and it performs equally well with both traditional boiler driven and renewable heating systems. Importantly, it is supported by an active RIBA CPD programme, which contributes hugely to it gaining a significant foothold in the market and to being at the forefront of the minds of architects and specifiers.

It’s the first ‘serial feed’ radiator on the UK market place and the first to come with an integrated thermostatic valve insert. Standard radiators are ‘parallel feed’, where the water enters the radiator and is fed via a ‘T’ piece to enter both panels at the same time and the same rate. A serial feed radiator allows the water to enter via a centre tap connection, directing the water flow into the front panel first before, after circulating around the front panel, the water eventually makes its way from the front panel into the back panel.

Because the front panel of a Radical heats up first, there’s a higher average temperature in the front panel than you get from a standard radiator and less heat is lost from the back panel. With Radical, the front panel heats up more quickly than a standard radiator would and ensures the front panel gives off more radiant heat – increasing the feeling of comfort to people in the room.

The simple result is that you feel warmer, faster.

Stelrad’s Managing Director Mike Conlon says Radical keeps Stelrad at the forefront of radiator technology in Europe and offers further evidence of the desire to offer the best heating solutions in the marketplace: “Radical is a market leading product and adds to the key brand values that we have at Stelrad which revolve around availability, range, reliability and value. We’re delighted that eminent independent judges in our sector have found the Radical to be deserving of these two important accolades. These are exciting times for Stelrad.”