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DRU, the Dutch Masters of contemporary gas fires


DRU is a Netherlands company that was founded in 1754. It produces a high end range of gas fires that can be installed with or without a chimney. All DRU fires are glass-fronted, room-sealed appliances with energy efficiency ratings up to 85%.

DRU fires are distributed by a network of over 180 specialist fireplace retailers throughout the UK. DRU also works closely with architects, designers and builders to provide innovative fireplace solutions for some of the UK’s most prestigious developments.

This includes being a member of the RIBA CPD network and hosting regular seminars for architects concerning the latest developments in gas fire technology.


Visionary designs

DRU gas fires feature some of the most visionary designs in Europe. This includes built-in, frameless fires, see-through tunnel fires, 2-sided and 3-sided fires and freestanding stoves. DRU even produces fires that can be combined with traditional surrounds for a more classic fireplace look.

All DRU fires offer a variety of configurations, including fire beds in logs or stones and interior finishes in black, classic brick or mirrored Ceraglass. The fires have some of the most realistic flame pictures available from any manufacturer, and are all operated by electronic remote control, including a room temperature display.

DRU Maestro 105/3 award-winning gas fire

Award-winning models

The DRU Maestro 105/3 is the company’s most advanced gas fire. It features a new Dynamic Burner system that produces dense, realistic flames. In addition, it includes Clear View non-reflective glass, a patented Easy Release door system and can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone using the exclusive DRU Eco Wave app.

All of these features contributed to the Maestro being awarded Gas Appliance of the Year and Product of the Year at the 2016 Hearth & Home awards.

DRU Diablo Next suspended gas fire

Room-sealed combustion

DRU gas fire technology is based on the balanced flue system, which was developed by DRU in the 1930s. This enables any gas fire to be ventilated through an outside wall, dispensing with the need for a chimney. Air for combustion is drawn from outside the building, with waste gases expelled to the outside. In this way, no air is depleted inside the room, resulting in safe, comfortable and affordable heating. The balanced flue system also gives higher and more impressive flames than ordinary gas fires.

DRU Global 55 CF chimney insert gas fire


Fires for UK chimneys

DRU, under its Global brand, also makes conventional flue gas fires to fit the Class 1 British or Irish chimney. The fires are still glass-fronted, but harness the chimney for ventilation, offering an attractive product that is easy to install and economical to run. A good example of this is the Global 55 and 55XT models, which can be installed as frameless fires or combined with a selection of matching fire surrounds.

DRU PowerVent® flue terminals on the roof of Ebury Square, Belgravia

Flexibility of installation

DRU has developed the PowerVent® extended, motorised flue system. This enables its gas fires to be installed in previously inaccessible locations, such as high rise apartments, loft conversions, town houses, hotels, restaurants and much more.

A good example is the Berkeley Homes development in Ebury Square, Belgravia. A total of 89 gas fires were installed in the complex, 67 of which utilised the PowerVent® system, with flues routed through service ducts terminating on the roof of the building.

Minimum energy efficiency requirements.

New building regulations covering the energy rating of homes demands that all gas appliances must meet minimum levels of efficiency. It is no longer acceptable for gas fires to be simply decorative appliances that burn gas for no useful purpose. They must have generous heat outputs, high efficiency and high levels of comfort and safety. DRU fires are one of the companies at the forefront in meeting these criteria.

Leaders in gas fire design, technology and energy management, DRU is the educated choice for consumers, architects and builders.

For further information, visit: www.drufire.com


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