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Durham Cathedral


As part of a multi-phase redevelopment at Durham Cathedral, TORMAX was specified by architectural glass specialists, OAG and architects Purcell, to install two contemporary automatic glass swing doors to provide clear access to the new Cathedral shop and restaurant. Helping maintain the heritage of these vaulted undercrofts, TORMAX used their concealed iMotion 1301 operators. Located within the floor space, the operators have almost no working parts to wear out, delivering enhanced reliability and life expectancy, coupled with reduced on-going maintenance.
Working with construction and fit-out specialists Simpson York Ltd, an existing side door was also automated using iMotion 1301 operators, successfully minimising the impact on the architectural heritage of the external façade.

Attracting over 600,000 visitors a year, Durham Cathedral is a busy attraction that has to meet the expectations of the modern tourist without denigrating such a valuable heritage site. Requiring particularly sensitive restoration, the medieval undercroft where the shop and restaurant are located is one of the most remarkable intact vaults in the UK.

Maintaining the visual impact of the stunning vaulted ceiling, visitors access the shop and restaurant through automatic full-glass swing doors, set into glass dividing walls. Visible door drives would potentially jar with the historic setting and this is where the iMotion 1301 comes into its own.

Fully DDA-compliant , the powerful iMotion synchronous motor has an exceptional operating lifespan as there are no abrading parts to cause friction wear. This has the added advantage of ensuring the doors really do open and close in silence, making it the perfect for solution monastic environments such as the Cathedral. Adjustable

electronic obstacle recognition ensures user safety whilst opening and closing speeds and hold-open time can all be set via a user-friendly keypad to deliver safe operation depending on pedestrian speed and volume of footfall.

The TORMAX iMotion 1301 underfloor operator has been installed in countless sites of important architectural heritage across the UK, including a Grade II listed building within the grounds of the University of Cambridge.

Architect: Purcell