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Abloy UK, the sole distributor of EffEff products in the UK, is offering aesthetic and a more flexible approach to specifying with the new Profix II product range.

Easy to fit, the multifunctional new Profix II range means less cutting and removes the need to cut-out from the leading edge of the doorframe, meeting architects’ demands for a more aesthetic finish.

Offering a flexible access control solution, the EffEff Profix II range can now be ordered with separate faceplate and body units, with 12 strikes and six plates providing a possible 72 different combinations.

Steve Martin, Product Manager for Abloy UK, said:

“The EffEff Profix II offers a more aesthetically pleasing access control solution than many other products on the market, and offers fail unlocked and fail locked options.

“The fail locked variant offers significant energy saving in comparison to a door magnet.  Where a magnet draws power continuously while the door is closed, the EffEff Profix II only draws power when the door is in use.”

Strikes are available as standard 118 (fail locked), 128 (holding pin) and 138 (fail unlocked), with fire rated options 143 and 143M (motor version) together with 332 for emergency exits. All versions are also available with monitoring as an option


All faceplates are available for wooden frames at 44mm and 54mm and together with steel frames are offered with or without dead bolt cutouts. The fail locked versions are dual voltage with no need to specify a 12 or 24 voltage.

Manufactured to the highest quality specifications in Germany by Abloy UK’s sister company, ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, the EffEff range is guaranteed by a five-year warranty. 

For further information on the full range of Abloy locking solutions available, visit www.abloy.co.uk.