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Energy-efficient appliances built to last


Best known for their popular Beko range, the UK’s number 1 best-selling large home appliance brand with products used in 1 in 4 homes in the UK, Beko Appliance Partners is the company’s dedicated contract specification division. The company are able to offer a wide portfolio of energy-efficient appliances from their competitively-priced Beko brand to new homes projects, as well as a selection of products from their premium Grundig brand.


With options available to suit all spaces and budgets, Beko Appliance Partners’ appliances blend seamlessly into any modern kitchen aesthetic, offering innovative technologies designed to save users energy, time and money. Energy and water efficient technologies enable the appliances to not only meet but also exceed the necessary criteria for planning, helping to contribute towards lowering the operational carbon emissions of new homes. With the imminent Future Homes Standard dictating that new homes built following 2025 must effectively produce 75-80% less carbon emissions than is currently accepted under building regulations, specifiers should be looking for products which satisfy these requirements.


Beko’s energy-efficient technology is evident across its product ranges, meaning the company are able to offer the complete solution to enhance new homes. The brand’s range of AeroPerfect™ ovens, for example, all come with an ‘A’ energy usage rating. Designed with simplicity and energy efficiency in mind, the sleek-looking range improves upon the all-too-familiar fan oven, reaching new heights of performance whilst retaining the competitive pricing synonymous with the Beko brand. This market-leading technology, which offers 35% faster cooking than previous fan ovens, has been recognised with 10 Which? Best Built-in Oven awards. The technology features in all single built-in ovens within Beko’s contract range, from the entry level model through to the highest specification version, making energy efficient innovation accessible to all, whatever the project budget.


With models benefiting from low water and energy consumption, earning them an impressive ‘A’ energy rating, Beko’s CornerIntense® dishwasher technology features a unique spray arm rotating on a movable axis to ensure intensive and effective cleaning. An ideal choice for open plan kitchen layouts, the dishwasher is equipped with the company’s unique brushless ProSmart™ Inverter Motor, allowing the machine to rotate at optimal speeds to increase overall efficiency and allow a quieter operation. The dishwasher’s Self-Dry™ function further optimises energy usage by automatically opening the door after the programme is finished, allowing air to circulate through the machine leaving dishes perfectly dry.


Beko’s AquaTech® range of washing machines clean clothes in a quicker and gentler way without sacrificing wash performance, completing a full load in as little as 28 minutes. Water and detergent cascade from the top of the drum, replacing harsh drum movements and resulting in a wash that is up to 50% faster and up to 50% gentler. Beko Appliance Partners are also able to offer washer dryers from Beko’s RecycledTub® range, where recycled plastic bottles have been transformed into high-performance and durable materials in each tub.