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Energy saving LED lighting that aids precision work


Award-winning LED lighting company, MHA Lighting, based in Greater Manchester – is leading the way when it comes to slashing lighting energy bills and lowering carbon emissions.

Their portfolio of energy efficient LED lighting products are well-suited for a variety of internal and external environments, including precision manufacturing, food production and high-risk environments, where it is imperative that light output, light quality and uniformity are high quality – so as to aid precision working and worker safety.

One recent installation where the above was imperative was at Doncaster-based, Solvents with Safety.

After undergoing a site re-build in 2011 the solvent supplier discovered that the lighting had been incorrectly specified –making the lighting levels ineffective for their workforce, as well as proving to be expensive.

MHA Lighting was able to triple the light levels in the warehouse, whilst significantly reducing lighting energy consumption – saving over £20,000 on lighting energy bills and 60 Tonnes of Co2, by replacing all existing Halide fittings in their warehouse with award-winning LED lighting.

This consisted of 18 fittings from MHA’s innovative CLite range, with six sensors installed – reducing annual lighting energy consumption from 19,710kW/h to 12,463kW/h. Annual energy bills have therefore been reduced to an average of just £1,371.

Because of the sky lights in the factory, ambient day light sensors were also installed so that during day light hours the fittings will burn at a fraction of their total output, maximising energy savings.

The light levels in the warehouse were significantly raised from an average of between 50 and 60 Lux (maximum luminescence of 80 Lux), to now achieving maximum luminescence of 239 Lux – giving an average of 170 Lux.

At current operating hours the fittings offer a useful lifetime of 15 years. Throughout life they require no maintenance saving Solvents with Safety a further £4,622 in maintenance costs during product lifetime.

George Whale, Operations Manager for Solvents with Safety, said:

“MHA Lighting offered us three different schemes and we opted for the one that provided the highest levels of illumination, whilst achieving significant energy savings and Co2 reductions.

“Not only is the light colour, output and uniformity superb, but our staff are benefiting from the improved lighting and we are seeing real cost savings on our energy bills.”

For more information please call 01942 887 400, visit www.mhalighting.co.uk or email sales@mhalighting.com