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Heating & Ventilation

Envirotube underfloor heating maximises renewables potential


IBD’s new Envirotube underfloor heating system has been designed specifically for use with renewable energy based heating systems. It offers guaranteed compatibility with a renewable energy source, such as ground source and air source heat pumps, as well as with a conventional gas boiler. It is designed for all types of installations including floor screed systems, timber joisted or floating floors.

IBD provides its customers with full heat loss calculations to match precisely the specific Envirotube system with exactly the right heat pump. This ensures that the system will perform to its design parameters and the energy efficiencies of the primary generator are safeguarded. Installers are also provided with full design documentation and commissioning drawings. Envirotube systems have the backing of a full insurance backed warranty.

The Envirotube system is designed using BS EN 12831 standard heat loss calculations and in accordance with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) quality guidelines. Envirotube supports MCS MIS3005 for heat pump applications.

Envirotube features ‘PEX-a’ type of cross-linked polyethylene pipe with integral oxygen barrier. This type of pipe is more flexible than alternative PEX-b designs and is a high quality EU manufactured pipe that is highly durable and backed with consequential damage insurance cover for the first 15 years.

All manifolds include flow metres, flow and return temperature gauges and automatic air vents. The manifold systems are supplied to suit the specific application. Low temperature heat pump systems will normally have a circulating pump integral to the system suitable for supporting the underfloor heating system without the need for additional pumps. To comply with underfloor heating installation standards a “high limit” thermostat must be fitted and is included as standard. Conventional boilers will require blending valves and circulation pumps on the manifold.

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