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Eton Backs British Manufacturing


Steeped in heritage, tradition, nostalgia and pride, Eton College is as British as afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches. Often described as the most famous public school in the world, Eton was founded in 1440 by Henry VI.

The prestigious college is well-known for its former students who graduate to become inspirational actors, successful comedians and even Prime Ministers. Therefore it was an honour and a privilege for Heckmondwike FB to supply the carpet for this historic and beautiful school.

Contracted by Cavendish Flooring, this is not the first time British carpet manufacturer Heckmondwike FB has been involved in supplying the flooring for the prestigious college. Heckmondwike FB carpets have been used at Eton for the past 30 years – walked on by Princes and Prime Ministers.

The vast campus is maintained and updated on a regular basis during school breaks, to keep disruption to a minimum for the 1,300 students and residents.

As a traditional and historic building the décor and interiors need to be in keeping with history and will need to reflect the prestigious college, yet perform to modern-day standards. For instance, classroom flooring in the 15th century would not have required antistatic properties or the need to uphold to environmental consciousness like today. There were three different types of carpets Heckmondwike FB installed in the most recent refurbishment – each with their own properties and benefits.

The popular and versatile Supacord range, which is available in 40 colours, is gracing the college’s classrooms and hallways – providing maximum durability to areas of heavy footfall that are prone to high levels of wear and tear. Supacord is also useful in the classroom – where antistatic properties are vital for the use with computers.

For the bedrooms, Heckmondwike FB’s Pure Care range has been used. The fully impervious backing is ideal for containing spillages and is highly resistant to permanent staining.

The third range is the heavy duty Broadrib. Used in the classrooms this easy to maintain carpet option has excellent acoustic properties to help reduce background noise to optimise learning.

Heckmondwike FB has been manufacturing and supplying schools and educational facilities with excellent carpeting solutions for over 40years – the company has got a dedicated website for the education sector. For more details, case studies and product information please click weblink below.