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Glass & Glazing Heating & Ventilation

Facade-friendly natural and smoke ventilation with Ultrasky glazed ventilators


Powrmatic’s Ultrasky is a high quality glazed ventilator ideal for natural and smoke ventilation as well as being an excellent source of natural daylight. It has been specifically designed for seamless integration into inclined and vertical glazing systems. Consequently, many architects use Ultrasky as a cost-efficient alternative to roof lights or standard window systems.

Fully tested to BS EN12101-2, the triple-sealed Ultrasky combines low air permeability with a thermally broken extrusion to prevent heat losses from the building and to insulate against cold outdoor air temperatures.

The Ultrasky can be designed to operate in response to a range of parameters, including wind, rain, temperature, and air quality. Control can be via a main control panel with links to the fire alarm interface, a building management system or manually operated by occupants.

Ultrasky ventilators are UK manufactured at Powrmatic’s factory in Somerset, where they can be designed to suit any application, size and colour finish – including different colours outside and inside. They can also be supplied with a polycarbonate, (insulated or un-insulated) aluminium or acoustically insulated panel instead of glazing.