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Heating & Ventilation

Feeling the change in temperature? It’s important to Power Flush central heating systems!


Now is a great time to power flush your heating system, clearing any debris will ensure that you maximise operating efficiency and reliability this winter.

What is Power Flushing?
Power flushing is a cleaning process carried out by experienced and trained professionals. Essentially it helps to remove debris such as dirt, rust and lime scale to ensure that the central heating water, which circulates through the pipes, pump, radiators and air-to-water heat pump system is as clean as possible.

How is Power Flushing done?
Power Flushing is carried out by connecting a power flush machine to the system’s circulating pump or a radiator and circulating the central heating water at a high flow rate for several hours. This process picks up and filters out any contamination, which could impair the efficiency of the system.

Benefits of Power Flushing:
Increases efficiency
Cost savings
Enhances reliability
Increases system life span
Reduces leaks and damage
Reduces breakdowns

Space Air Prefabricated Systems
Every Daikin Altherma system supplied by Space Air includes a “Magna Clean”, a small filtering system to continually clean the water in the central heating system. This washable filter system, acts as an aid to cleanliness and does not replace the need for an initial power flush.

For further Information on Power Flushing please visit: https://www.powerflushassociation.com

Weblink: www.spaceairsolutions.co.uk