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FIJ Design Prepare Their Clients for Facebook Graph Search


England 24/1/2013 – One of the biggest challenges for FIJ Design is educating their customers so they can take advantages of changes to how people use the web

FIJ Design was formed in 2007, but many members of the team have been working in web design for over 15 years. Already they have a full order book. They are continuously expanding their business and team to take on new clients. There is plenty of demand for website design services. Firms of all types and sizes have woken up to the true power of the web and many see it as their main marketing platform.

However, as the web evolves and more and more companies get their own websites it is becoming increasingly difficult for firms to stand out from the crowd. They are no longer competing with shops and businesses that are local to them. Most are in direct competition with firms from across the world who also have a web presence. This fact can make it hard to be noticed by potential customers. Many see having a nice looking website as the solution. This is, of course, important. People only spend about six seconds on a site before deciding if it is for them or moving on to the next site, so an attractive site is essential. However, that is only part of the story, being found in the first place is the bigger challenge. No matter how pretty a site is, if it ranks low in the search results people will not find it, visit it and use it.

This is something FIJ Design has at the forefront of their mind when designing a site. They pay close attention to site architecture to make sure that the sites they design can be easily found and crawled by search engine bots. However, the content of the site and the way it is arranged also plays a role. For this reason, this design team works hard to educate their clients about this and other subjects.

How FIJ Design have explained Facebook’s graph search
FIJ Design has been using their blog to educate their clients from the beginning. They recently explained Facebook graph search to their clients. This new form of search will turn Facebook into a recommendation engine. Those firms with a good Facebook following could benefit hugely from extra customers arriving on their site via Facebook’s graph search.

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