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With its name reflecting the open space design for which it is renowned, the Agorafocus from Diligence International can be suspended from the ceiling of a room to radiate warmth through 360deg.

Suitable also for fixing on a pedestal base, Agorafocus is a spherical-like design with four curved glass windows that give complete sighting of the fire from all parts of a room. Two of these pyroceramic panels are hinged for opening and inserting logs.

There are two sizes of this fire – the 630 and 850 – these numbers denoting the diameter of the fires in mm. With the 630 model, the glass panels measure 280mm high, with the fire itself measuring 700mm from top to bottom. The 850 is 800mm from top to bottom, with each of the doors being 435mm high.

Some 11kW of heat can be generated by the 630, and 12kW is the nominal output of the 850. Air intake is regulated under each door.

Other features include easy installation and maintenance, with the ash removal hatch easily accessible at the base of the fire.

Finished in a matt black or grey heat-resistant paint for a contemporary look, the Agorafocus is just one example from a wide range of highly individual fire designs from Diligence International.