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Founders Collection launched in celebration of Kährs’ heritage


Kährs has introduced a new collection of rustic one-strip floors. A celebration of Kährs’ Swedish tradition and fine craftsmanship, the Founders Collection includes eight new oak designs and joins Kährs Original Range. Each floor is named after a member of the Kährs’ family, that founded the company in 1857, and features a stunning combination of hand-crafted finishing treatments.
Designs within Kährs Founders Collection include Oak Fredrik, Gustaf, Olof, Sture, Johan and Ulf. Each board measures 2420x187x15mm and has an individually-toned Nature oil prefinish. Heavy brushing, handscraping and smoking emphasise the lively grained timber and tactile finish, whilst a distinct bevelled edge complements the boards’ single plank format.

All floors from the new Founders Collection feature Kährs ethical, high performance construction. Based on Kährs original design, patented in 1941, the award-winning construction uses sustainable hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below. This design, alongside Kährs Woodloc® joint, provides greater stability, promotes fast installation and eliminates gapping throughout the lifetime of the floor. Floors are finished with water-based stains and solvent-free oil and can be laid on most dry, level surfaces – and over underfloor heating systems.