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Bricks & Blocks New Building Development

Four Bedroom House, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire


A private four bedroom, custom built house has been constructed using H+H Celcon Blocks Standard Grade and Celcon Foundation Blocks with traditional mortar. The house in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, was built by Chris Page Building on the site of the client’s previous family home, a bungalow, which was demolished to make way for their new home.

The family wanted their new house to have low energy consumption, high levels of environmental comfort and be built with solid masonry internal and external walls.

Celcon Blocks were specified primarily because of their inherent thermal qualities and ability to aid in the controlling of room temperature. Aircrete blocks have a low lambda value (the measure of thermal conductivity) and provide excellent insulation due to the millions of tiny non-interconnecting cells that make up their structure, therefore helping to reduce heat loss. To further improve the energy efficiency of the building, the external walls were finished with 100mm external wall insulation above DPC and 80mm below. This resulted in a minimum U-value of 0.24W/m2 K and a ‘B’ rating in the Energy Performance Certificate.

Being of a relatively high thermal mass, aircrete can control temperatures in a way non masonry cannot. It absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night creating a comfortable internal environment in the building.

Chris Page, the contractor said: “This was the first time I had built a house with external wall insulation, although I am very familiar with block-work building. The single skin went up very quickly and I am very pleased with the end result. I would love to build another house like it.”

Client Lynn Thomas said: “Despite being bigger than our old bungalow it uses less energy. We really enjoy living here.”

The existing bungalow was valued at £350,000 immediately prior to its demolition. The new property is valued at £900,000.