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Free Graphic Pack for Architecture Illustrations with Ease


The key task of every architect is to convince other people of his ideas. Either to simply persuade a client in the next meeting or even win a competition. In any case the drawings and illustrations obviously are pretty important to communicate the ideas, concepts and visions.

The challenge is that most clients only have a limited understanding of ordinary 2D drawings and that rather technical drawings often times simply do not transport the emotions that are required to inspire the building owner.

This is where architecture visualisation comes into play. Of course photo-realistic renderings will give a perfect impression of the future building, but as everybody knows it can be pretty time consuming as well. But also traditional sectional views, elevations or floor plans can be upgraded pretty easy and fast if you have the right ready-to-use architectural entourage like tree or plant graphics with transparent backgrounds or background images.


So why not do your client and thus not at least yourself a favour and get the most out of your architectural drawings? If you think you are too limited in time and budget to create these kind of architectural illustrations we have a nice link tip for you.


Free Architectural Entourage Library

Tonytextures offers with the “OpenArchiVIZpack” a nice collection of +70 high quality architectural visualisation graphic elements like:

  • high resolution sky images for exterior illustrations
  • Cutout people silhouettes
  • Cutout trees and plants for side views and elevations
  • Top view cutout trees and plants for floor plans
  • Hand drawn people for an individual style
  • Seamlessly tileable material textures
  • etc


You can get this unique download for free just by subscribing to the newsletter on the website. The graphics are of professional quality and are even free to be used for commercial architectural visualisation project. So it is definitely worth to take a closer look at this interesting collection:


In addition Tonytextures publishes great tutorials and other free content about architecture visualisation on his blog. In the shop section you will find a wide range of specialized graphic collections of architectural entourage to grow your archiviz library even more and take it to the next level. If you are interested we recommend to take a closer look at the bundle offers that provide substantial discounts!