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GEZE hits American standards


The UK’s leading door and window control system manufacturer, GEZE UK, has achieved another international standard, gaining approval from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for many of its products.

GEZE’s door closing devices have all been independently tested in accordance with the ANSI standards, which are comparable with CE marking used in Europe but which require independent testing in the USA.

Managing Director Kaz Spiewakowski explained the importance of reaching the ANSI standard. “As an international business manufacturing quality products, it is important that we remain committed to testing our products against the most exacting standards throughout the world. To reach the ANSI standard, each product has been rigorously tested in their laboratory in Wisconsin.”

He continued: “It also helps our customers who work internationally. Some of our customers export our products to countries that use ANSI, particularly to the USA. But also some countries in Middle East and Asia Pacific regions use ANSI. It rather depends on what the specifier knows and where they trained. So our reaching this standard will make it easier for them to understand the quality of our products and use them appropriately.”

Products tested and approved by ANSI include the overhead door closers TS 1000, TS 1500, TS 2000 V, TS 2000 NV, TS 3000 V and TS 5000. It also includes the concealed closer range Boxer and floor springs TS 500 NV and TS 550 NV.