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Glass, the New Frontier in Luxury Design 


Glass is the Design World’s new obsession. At Blowfish Bespoke, we push the boundaries of this transient material, delivering innovative, sculptural glass coveted by luxury destinations and design changemakers. Elliot Walker and Bethany Wood’s visionary minds lead Blowfish Bespoke, making designers and creatives from the leading interior studios and brands’ dreams become a reality in glass.

One of Blowfish Bespoke’s most fruitful partnerships was collaborating with the new sculptural lighting studio Rock & Soar; they create suspended decorative objects that celebrate nature, energy, and balance. The designs beautifully involve hand-made, unique components that celebrate craftsmanship, process and materials.

“Glass is a concept as well as a material; it has a life of its own. Coaxing a form out of the liquid glass is unlike working with any other material.”

– Elliot Walker

Debuted at London Craft Week 2023, “Storm” took centre stage at Taylor Howes Showroom. This impressive, voluptuous suspended installation captivates with intricate patterns and details reminiscent of dramatic skies. Each unique piece embodies strength and power, its surface textured with dimples that scatter light from suspended illuminators above. This interplay creates ethereal caustics, a visual echo of refreshing rainfall. The latest instalment of Storm, a variation of the collection named as ”Storm Sunsets” is soon to be unveiled in another luxury destination in London.

Blowfish Bespoke’s most recent project saw a second instalment of the iconic collaboration between Breanna Box and Peter Dupont, the creative minds behind the Brooklyn-based homeware brand Home in Heven and heritage Lighting brand Louis Poulsen; they reimagined the iconic designs from Louis Poulsen’s “Pale Rose” collection, exhibiting the originals at Dezeen’s 3 days of Design in Copenhagen in 2023.

It features their signature horn motif, now combined with swirling patterns and water-defying tentacles. This signature collection was made a reality in glass by Master Glassblower Elliot Walker and his team in our West Midlands-based studio—once the heartland of British Glassmaking. The second installation of this reimagined collection recently launched on 1stDibs, reaching record figures, and gracing some elegant spaces.

In a world saturated with fleeting experiences, Blowfish Bespoke offer an enduring connection between art, space, and imagination.

If you want to explore your lighting dreams with Blowfish Bespoke in person, you can visit our exhibition and hot shop space in Stourbridge, West Midlands, by appointment. Alternatively, Book a discovery call.