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Established 70 years ago, Golmar has been a stalwart in the global market, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of door intercom systems. With a dedicated hub in the UK for the past two decades, Golmar Systems UK continues to uphold the brand’s legacy of excellence.

A LEGACY OF SERVICE AND INNOVATION As an integral part of the Golmar family, Golmar Systems UK takes pride in maintaining uncompromising standards of service. Their commitment extends beyond mere transactions as they focus on fostering lasting relationships with clients. From door intercom systems to access control and CCTV, Golmar Systems UK ensures seamless integration and reliable performance.

EMPOWERING INSTALLERS: BUILDING A NETWORK OF DISTRIBUTORS Golmar Systems UK recognizes that time is of the essence for installers. To expedite system installations, they are actively building a robust network of distributors. Whether it’s a standard configuration or a customized solution, Golmar Systems UK ensures swift access to quality products. Their expert team assists in specifying the right components, tailored to meet specific project requirements.

COLLABORATION FOR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT In the spirit of innovation, Golmar Systems UK collaborates closely with Golmar in Spain. This dynamic partnership ensures a constant evolution of their product range. Feedback from installers and end-users is invaluable, driving enhancements with each new product release. Golmar’s commitment to improvement is unwavering

THE GOLMAR ADVANTAGE Style Meets Functionality: Golmar offers a compelling blend of aesthetics and practicality. Their Sixty5 range of panels exemplifies this ethos. Whether it’s the modern classic digital keypad or the sleek touch screen panel, Golmar bridges style and functionality seamlessly

Key Features:

  • Audio/Video Communication: Crystal-clear communication for enhanced security.
  • Call Progress Confirmation: Audible and visual cues keep users informed.
  • Door Open Confirmation: Instant feedback for peace of mind.
  • Coded Access: Secure entry with personalized codes.
  • Built-in Proximity Reader: Streamlined access control.
  • Aluminium or Steel Finish: Versatility to match any aesthetic.
  • Visitor Display: Deters unwanted intruders.
  • 2-Wire Technology or IP: Flexibility for diverse installations.

CONCLUSION Golmar Systems UK remains at the forefront of innovation, offering competitive solutions that cater to both form and function. From cozy homes to sprawling apartment complexes, Golmar’s integrated systems redefine safety and convenience. For more information, visit Golmar Systems UK and experience the future of door intercom technology. www.golmarsystems.com

contact us at: sales@golmarsystems.com