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Harlequin Ballet Barres


As the industry leader in advanced technology flooring for dance, the performing arts and display, Harlequin also offers a range of accessories including portable, freestanding or wall-mounted ballet barres to suit every client’s budget and demands.

The ballet barre is essential for warm-up and stretching exercises and plays a crucial part in a dancer’s fitness regime. Both professional and amateurs can minimise the risk of injury by stretching properly to increase blood-flow to the muscles and improve flexibility whilst achieving an elegant stance.

Whether you choose Harlequin’s portable freestanding or permanent wall-mounted ballet barres, you’ll realise they are almost a prerequisite for any dancer. Comfortable and sturdy freestanding ballet barres are available in a beech or smooth silver aluminium finish and a range of sizes while single or double wall-mounted barres are also offered with a wide selection of brackets to suit any studio design.