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Harlequin launches new DIY dance floor packs


Harlequin Floors has taken its revolutionary Harlequin VitalityTM do-it-yourself sprung dance floor system to new levels of convenience, safety and value for money by launching four new ‘ready-to-install’ packs to suit every client’s budget and demands.

As the industry leader in advanced technology flooring for dance, the performing arts and display, Harlequin has introduced these packs so anyone with basic DIY skills can benefit from a Harlequin sprung floor. Offering everything you need in one handy package – purchasing and installing a top quality dance floor has never been easier.

harle1 Every pack contains Harlequin VitalityTM sprung floor panels, Harlequin Reversible vinyl flooring, tape, glue and glue cartridge and simple step-by-step instructions. Available in pack sizes of 10, 20, 40 or 60 panels, the floors can cover areas ranging from 14.4m2 to 87.8m2– making them the simple solution for DIY projects of almost any size.

Laid in a brickwork pattern onto the sub-floor, the Harlequin VitalityTM panels are simplyjoined together by a special tongue and groove – which is then glued together upon installation. Once in place, the vinyl surface is laid on top, the edge seams and joins are taped to prevent tripping and the sprung dance floor is ready to use.

Officially launched in 2012, Harlequin VitalityTM is the cost-effective, easy to install sprung floor that does not compromise on safety. By making high performance dance floors even more affordable for everyone, Harlequin continues to help dancers across the globe to teach, rehearse and perform on the company’s world-class dance floors.

Harlequin is helping to ensure that dancers of all ages, abilities and experience can benefit from performing on the world’s very best dance floors. And with safety paramount, this great value for money solution can help to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained for dancers of all ages, sizes and abilities.

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