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Headache of low water pressure eased for architects and specifiers


Specifiers and architects who need to solve the problem of low water pressure in new or redeveloped housing now have the option of an all-in-one unit that provides low noise levels, ease of installation and automatic commissioning.

The e.sybox from DAB Pumps uses ergonomic design and cutting edge technology to bring a ‘plumb and play’ dimension to installation, saving time and money. It can be fitted vertically or horizontally on its anti-vibration mountings or onto a wall and can be plugged directly into the mains electricity supply. Once switched on, the unit automatically commissions, saving time, maintenance and hassle.

For larger residential builds, the unit’s wireless connectivity and modular design means the system can be expanded to a four-pump booster set. A specially designed casing and water-cooled motor means the pump offers extremely low noise levels for homeowners and tenants – the solution to an inherent problem in residential pumping situations.

DAB2Its award winning design means the e.sybox will not look out of place wherever it is installed and
features like dry running and frost protection offer added peace of mind. It also saves on space being extremely compact and around 30% smaller than other systems.

Neil Haigh, Project Manager explains.
“Specifers have the added peace of mind that it comes with a three year guarantee, the inverter technology in the unit manages energy consumption efficiently, thereby avoiding waste and allowing considerable economic savings.”
For more information call 01279 652776 or log onto www.dabpumps.co.uk.