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Heat Your Home – In Glorious Technicolour!


In the same way that Henry Ford said you could have your car in any colour ‘so long as it’s black’, traditionally radiator manufacturers have said you can have their radiators in any colour, so long as it was white.

But that’s not the case any longer, with Stelrad….

Stelrad2Europe’s favourite radiator brand offers its products in an amazing variety of colours! The new Caliente and Concord towel rails, Compact with Style, Planar and Swing designs come in a choice of 14 natural colours, 7 metallics and 14 RAL colours, whilst the Classic Column, Concord, Vistaline and Ellipse radiators come in a huge 33 different RAL colours and 3 metallics.

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘a shade for every room’ and will delight interior decorators, architects, specifiers and discerning self-builders, determined to see their radiators as part of the décor.

“The huge range of colours that many of our products are available in, brings a new range of options for heating your home in colour,” says Marketing Communications Manager Sarah Baker. “From stylish pastels to forceful sepias, greys and blacks – we offer pretty much everything to anyone – and whilst there’s inevitably a waiting time for most of them, it’s a wait worth building into your project to get exactly the right shades for your kitchen or bedroom, and whilst variations of white will always be our best sellers, the increase in coloured radiators we’re seeing heading out of the factory says something special about the options available and the people out there choosing them for their homes and designs….”