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Heatbank® sales warm up


Seven new independent companies have just signed up to show off and display the Xcel HEATBANK® Thermal store from the specialist Specflue group at a recent, event held at Waxmans renewables training centre in Yorkshire.

These future thinking green retailers pretty much signed up immediately to display the unique and pioneering HEATBANK® system. Jon Howarth, one of Specflue’s Business Development Manager’s, whose enthusiasm and passion for the product helped convey the many benefits of incorporating thermal store technology into the renewable industry picture, made an instant hit when using the Xcel HEATBANK® design as an example of how this infrastructure opens up the door for multi fuel manipulation and use. As Jon observes “The impressive silver display cylinder certainly catches the eyes of consumers. They are really impressed to learn that the HEATBANK® product can take up to FIVE renewable heat source inputs simultaneously including woodstoves, solar thermal and pellet boilers with optional electric backup ideal and perfectly compatible for people needing sustainable development. Designs and quotations for the Xcel HEATBANK® thermal store can be produced quickly and easily via Specflue’s free customer friendly online software service – www.systemdesigner.co.uk.”

Technically talking the design can be easily manipulated in the future whether you wish to build in stages and add different technologies at different times or change and re-organise the layout with connections. It offers delivery of high performance high flow rate direct palatable water to taps, baths and showers without risk of Legionella Disease and using heat exchangers which are much better than coils. No large water storage in the loft is required and simultaneous central heating is delivered to radiators, underfloor heating and towel rails.

Jon also points out “We were delighted to be linked with Waxman’s excellent premises and reputation and we share their mission to meet the Government’s target of reducing emissions by 15% by 2020 by virtue of making homes more energy efficient and cost effective. We offer a free design service and guarantee designs will work….. guarantees which are better than anyone else in the market and cover a 25 year guarantee on the base cylinder. On a number of occasions swapped – out scaled up coil type thermal stores that underperform have been replaced by the HEATBANK® with underwritten performance. The unit is made from Duplex stainless steel from one of the top UK manufacturers who also make nuclear power plant cylinders so longevity is guaranteed. We use a patented top-down rapid recovery economy system in the Xcel HEATBANK® that allows you to choose how much water is heated and how much energy you use rather than heating the whole cylinder when not necessary. The cylinders come completely pre-built and prefabricated ready to go so there is no extra sourcing of parts or extra building on site giving the customer complete piece of mind knowing everything has been thought of and included to accept the chosen heat sources”

For further details of Specflue products and services call free 0800 9020220: email sales@specflue.com or visit www.specflue.com