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Helical Staircase Is Named ‘A Sculptural Triumph of Design & Engineering’ By Prestigious Architect


Designed and crafted by Bisca, this bespoke helical masterpiece showcases the true potential of what can be achieved – when combining the expertise of an experienced architect with a genuine staircase specialist.

Bisca was introduced to this project by Bramhall Blenkharn Leonard. Instructed to design, craft and install a statement staircase which would form a sculptural feature, framed by full height windows within the heart of this exquisite property.

Working in close partnership, the brief was to create a clear synergy between the architectural style and materials used in the build of the property and those selected in the staircase design. The staircase raised numerous questions, each of which was carefully considered and agreed during the initial stages of the project.

Architectural Considerations When Designing A Staircase

Bisca advised the team at Bramhall Blenkharn Leonard on the structural requirements to be factored in when designing the surrounding space; and specified the way in which the staircase would transition through the property to enhance the flow of movement.

This staircase was not only a functional necessity; its purpose was also to create an architectural statement which sets the tone for the property’s interior design. The main helical structure was formed with a white-painted, plastered parapet – acting as an apparently seamless continuation of the ceiling itself, rising up to the landing above.

By incorporating sinuous curves, the helical staircase design forms a sculptural silhouette; each beautifully crafted oak tread and their surrounding balustrade creates a graceful floating appearance within the space.

The inner staircase balustrade is formed in low iron curved glass, allowing natural light to flow through open-rise treads brightening the spacious gallery area. Crowned with an oval-profiled oak handrail, this gently flows downwards transforming into a staircase newel at ground level.

As daylight fades, the winding helical sculpture is illuminated internally by integrated staircase lighting within the handrail. Casting a warm glow over the glass balustrade, this accentuates the elegantly curved edges of each floating staircase tread.

Director at Bramhall Blenkharn Leonard, Ric Blenkharn (FRIBA FRSA) comments:

“The staircase is the centrepiece of the property’s interior – a triumph of design and engineering to provide a spectacular space in the centre of the house.  It is widely admired I know, by both client and all those who have visited the property.”

How Bisca Works With Architects

Having collaborated with many leading architects on staircase projects over recent years, Bisca has developed the skillsets to perfectly complement those of an architect, giving complete flexibility to offer a tailored service and staircase solution. This may involve working with you to develop technical plans from the outset; or if these have already been approved, we would help bring these to life using our expert staircase design and craftmanship experience.

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