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Refurbishment Work Walls

HELIFIX launches new literature, featuring the latest innovative sustainable structural solutions


Since developing the original helical fixing in 1984, HELIFIX has continued to innovate, expanding its range to include specialist helical wall ties, fixings and masonry reinforcement systems for use in both new build and refurbishment.
In addition to full product information, the new brochure ‘Principles, Products and Applications’ also includes a summary of the company’s innovation accomplishments spanning almost 30 years.

Helifix products have proven an effective cure for common structural defects in most construction materials including masonry, timber and concrete. Repair and refurbishment is increasingly acknowledged as the more sustainable alternative to demolition, in terms of architectural value, materials usage, cost and environmental impact. Illustrated within the new literature are informative examples of how Helifix’s engineering expertise and products can avoid disruptive dismantling and costly rebuilds.

John Heseltine, Helifix Technical Manager says,

“Our unique helical bar is extremely versatile and can be used to overcome a wide range of structural faults. We can restore integrity to virtually every type of structure from houses and tower blocks, to masonry bridges and listed buildings. In our portfolio, there is almost certain to be a fixing and repair technique to provide a long term solution to any structural problem.”

Helifix-branded products, combined with their concealed non-disruptive installation techniques, are now recognised worldwide. The company has a network of Approved Installers in the UK, distributors throughout Europe, and overseas businesses in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Helifix products are manufactured in the UK.