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Health and beauty retailer Boots UK is well known for offering beauty products to enhance the stylish good looks of its customers, so the entrance to their brand new store in Kensington High Street in London, just had to step up to the mark.

The busy store needed an entrance to complement its glass and bronze-anodised façade and GEZE UK had just the answer – the UFO NT.

The UFO NT is an underfloor operator that is completely hidden from view, so perfect when installed with glass doors.

Extremely quiet in operation and complying with the demands of the Equality Act and BS EN 8300 ensuring access for all, the UFO NT can be used on any type of doors – glass, metal or wood, and can operate doors with leaf widths up to 1250mm on external doors and 1600mm on internal doors and up to 125kg in weight.

GEZE UK worked with façade solutions specialists Colorminium to design and install double doors with two UFO NT automatic operators to the store entrance.

The Boots store is part of a mixed use building on the corner of High Street and Wrights Lane, the 1970’s building was remodelled and extended, to completely transform it and includes office space, a new retail arcade and connection to the London Underground.

Said Andy Iredale, GEZE UK’s national sales manager for automatics and window technology: ‘The UFO NT was the perfect solution for this busy store, the operator is concealed beneath the floor giving designers the freedom to create aesthetically pleasing entrances yet still provide automatic access’.

Said Mihai Ciobanu, Project Manager at Colorminium ‘We have worked with GEZE many times and we were delighted with this solution from them. This new product is mounted below the finished floor level and so gave us the clean stylish entrance we wanted’.

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