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House & Housing Roofing & Cladding

Housing Development, North Warren, Devon


Kerb appeal, traditional looks and modern performance, are all combined in the Westerland slates supplied to a new housing development in Devon. Located in North Warren, Near Taunton, Barratt Homes has developed the site into a community housing development on the site of the Old Cider Works.

Situated amidst the beautiful Devon countryside and steeped in local history, the location of the houses is just walking distance from the local amenities – a doctor’s surgery, a local shop and retail outlets – and surrounded by natural beauty including the Blackdown and Quantock Hills. The development includes 2, 3 and 4 bedroomed homes designed for all types of homeowners, from families to young professionals.

“Cembrit’s Westerland fibre cement slates, combine top quality appearance with BRE A/A+ rated performance. In this project they helped to create the perfect finish for the modern design of the homes, whilst still giving the natural slate appearance at a significantly lower price,” said Tim Rowbotham, Branch Director, Bracknell Roofing, Exeter. “We regularly use Cembrit products because of the great value and high quality of their products.”

Selected in Blue/Black colour, the Westerland slates were chosen as they are able to contribute into the village atmosphere of the development, whilst still bringing a fresh and modern appearance to the new development. This is due to the unique dressed edges which ensure the fibre cement slates have the appearance of natural slate, especially when viewed from ground level.

Fibre cement slates, such as Westerland, are a more authentic looking slate than concrete tiles. They can also be cut with hand tools – all that is required is a scribe and straight edge. No power tool with associated dust suppression necessary. Fibre cement slates are available in a uniform size, thickness, and shape, the slates are pre-drilled for quick and easy fixing which saves time on site and therefore lower cost.

Westerland slates are manufactured to the highest European standards and are lightweight, pre-holed, suitable for all types of projects. The slate is easy to handle and install, it is durable and offers an economic alternative to natural roofing materials.