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ICELUX® LED luminaires designed to withstand the cold


Luxonic Lighting’s range of LED products extends to specialised luminaires developed for the extreme conditions of cold store applications. The ICELUX® LED range is designed specifically to operate in temperatures down to minus 25°C, and the high efficiency of the luminaires can significantly contribute to energy savings.

Luxonic’s ICELUX® range uses the highest quality LED’s to increase the visual comfort of a cold room space and therefore considerably improve the working conditions.

Available as a fixed output or as an ECODIM variant, the light output of these luminaires can also be adjusted remotely. In addition, an integral presence detector in each luminaire allows the light level to dim whilst the space is unoccupied, meaning that minimal energy is wasted. The use of the latest LED technology makes the ICELUX® luminaires both efficient and long lasting, and the quality and colour of the light emitted is excellent. Maintenance costs can be virtually eliminated; the LED luminaires are both more reliable and durable than equivalent lighting systems with a life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours.

Luxonic Lighting, a leader in interior and LED lighting, provides products which have a flawless lit appearance, application-optimised light distribution and system-wide reliability.


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