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Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks The new Bluebook catalogue and specification system


Ideal Standard International, the leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, has today launched a new updated version of the popular Bluebook website.

The new Bluebook catalogue and specification system, has been designed specifically with architect and design needs in mind.  It brings a no-nonsense, easy to access online resource centre of information with tools that allows the specifying of projects easy.

The new specification system will not only benefit architects and designers but also anyone with building projects including merchants, retailers and installers who are tasked with specifying projects.

Bluebook is a website of bathroom, washroom and showering products aimed at professional specifiers.The site is very popular and receives an average of 100,000 hits a day with an average of 2,500 individual sessions.  Research shows that 60% of people spend between 10 minutes and half an hour on the site per session.

The new site has been developed following extensive research into Specifiers needs.There are more ways to search for products and it is now Apple MAC compliant.Specifiers can find complete product specification details and download drawings, images and data sheets.

Within the site is a new specification system which allows users to choose products for a project, price them and then schedule the products by room and floor.  Full schedule reports can be downloaded in NBS formats

There are over 3,500 Armitage Shanks and Ideal Standard products available to choose from -the Bluebook is now the most extensive online catalogue and specification system on the market. It also features the full Platinum Book – an extension of the Bluebook that provides information on Ideal Standard’s luxury and contemporary bathroom design.

The new Bluebook specification ‘offline’ system means users can also create projects, add products to them and prepare schedules without being logged on. When users log back online, their desktop and mobile devices will synchronise with each other and the web application.

The system can be completely customised – from the ability to save specifications and favourites on the system to tailoring it to individual country needs – and incorporates ease of use with new unique features, including:

  • Apple MAC compliant
  • New iPhone/iPad app
  • 2 and 3D CAD drawings
  • Drag and drop convenience
  • PDF generation
    • Downloadable desktop edition

The availability of the  new Bluebook catalogue via the IdealSpec app means that product with specification information can be viewed when visiting clients and on site.  It brings a no-nonsense, easy to access online resource centre of information.   which can now be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store.

Tony Rheinberg, Ideal Standard Marketing Manager commented, “We are really excited about the launch of the new Bluebook website.  We are looking forward to seeing how the industry benefits from the innovative technology which the updated site uses. With such a vast range of product information now made so easily accessible, users will be able to browse, compare and select products for projects with more ease than ever before”

For more information on the Blue Book visit www.thebluebook.co.uk