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Identify colours in seconds


Colourpin ll connects wirelessly to smartphones and is used together with the free Colourpin app to ‘pin’ surface colour in seconds. It gives the closest NCS Original 1950 notation, LRV, RGB and CMYK regardless of ambient light. At £75 it’s a ‘must have’ to save time identifying colours.

With the in app camera you can take a photo of the source of your inspiration to record the surface or product or situation you’ve ‘pinned’ and add to your pinboard. Results can be emailed to yourself or to colleagues within seconds. Notes can be added and all the information is stored for review on your smartphone.

How useful is the NCS colour range? NCS colours are offered by the major paint companies and by manufacturers of many other coloured surface products including laminates, glass, hard flooring, kitchens, stair nosing, wall and door protection. The 1950 standard colour range gives you the opportunity to match closely to any colour and cross reference from other colour ranges.

The NCS System is used by specifiers and manufacturers worldwide and is supported by accurate physical colour sample collections <https://www.ncscolour.co.uk/products/colour-products.html> including A4 and A6 sheets of all the colours.

These accurate colour sheets are an ideal way to specify ‘specials’ and ensure colour control throughout projects.

To make a complete and practical package we offer the Colourpin ll and the NCS Index together at a special price. For more information see our website www.ncscolour.co.uk

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