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Imagine a multigym sitting in the middle of a room.


It has pulleys cables and handles everywhere for all the pulling and pushing exercises at various heights and tensions, for cardio as well as increased strength, to give you a fit and strong body, better health, and more energy.

Great Stuff, we could all do with the benefits of that, but the trouble is, it takes up a whole room.

That is fine when you are using it, but for the rest of the time, (like 23 to 23 and a half hours per day) the room is no good for anything else. This is a big problem.

So, scrap that idea and redesign it properly this time. Without wasting a room.

Fit it to a wall as a shallow panel and make everything hinge out. Simple.

Now add an optional rowing machine if you like, that works off the weight stack too.

Unlike an air or water rower, the weight stack is making you work in both directions, to both pull and resist its pressure as you move forward, not just as you move back. This gives you a serious workout on its own in addition to all the other exercises provided by the core unit.

The Slim Gym, a weight stack multigym for less than 3k, using less than 2 sq. ft of floor space in total, including the rower, for an additional £760.

slimgyms.direct    01158 748769

So now we can all have a proper multigym at home, it is designed that way.

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