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Interior Film from David Clouting proves a success in demanding NHS environment.


The Weybourne Day Unit, part of the NHS Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals Trust, provides a nurse-led oncology and haematology service.

Specially trained chemotherapy nurses and specialists administer outpatient chemotherapy regimens, supported by consultants and specially trained doctors.

The unit was an expansion of existing services provided by the hospital to create a new 22 bed facility.

The inspiration for the artwork on the interior walls of the Unit was the flora and fauna of the surrounding the area of Weybourne, with research carried out so the right plants and leaf patterns could be used by the artist Vicki Johnson, Creative Director and Co-founder of Print to the People – a Norwich based organisation.

Her art has a varied imagery, combining both digital and traditional printmaking techniques.

Emma Jarvis, Environmental Arts Manager responsible for the project said “Our decision to use a film to cover the walls and as a base for the artwork was determined by a number of factors including; infection control, cleaning and fire safety”

Emma continued “We trialed a range of different films printing Vicki’s designs directly onto the film and then tested it with actichlor which is a hospital bleach used throughout our hospital.

We selected LG Hausys Interior Film from David Clouting because it not only passed the bleach test but the quality of the white colour of the film was also significantly better than the others we tested.

It has a slightly softer tone and worked best with the building finishes within the unit.

Installation was also a key factor together with the type of glue on the film itself.  We needed to ensure that the film would not fall off the wall in any way and also peel off and replace with ease when required.

The air channels and the slightly thicker make of Interior Film helped significantly in ensuring first time placement and installation with no repositioning required.”

Available in a range of over 400 designs and finishes, Interior Film is available to view on the BIMSTORE website and is also CE and IMO Certified so can be specified with confidence across a wide range of applications.