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Introducing British General’s New USB-C Wall Sockets: The Perfect Blend of Innovation and Efficiency for Architects 


Whilst the number of portable devices requiring USB charging continues to increase, most are only supplied with the charging cable and no plug adaptor, the necessity for seamless charging solutions becomes paramount. Catering to this demand, British General (BG Electrical) unveils its new fast charge USB-C sockets, presenting architects with an ideal opportunity to enhance their projects.

High-speed and high-quality finishes

The new wall sockets feature high-speed, smart charging USB-C ports, whilst retaining USB-A ports for compatibility with legacy cables. The super-fast 45W is capable of charging high power devices such as laptops, tablets and video equipment as well as smartphones and other USB devices. For those who simply need to charge their smart phone and lower powered devices, there is also a 22W fast charge option which can deliver a 50% charge to mobile phones in just 30 minutes.

The super-fast 45W and 22W sockets will be available across multiple BG Electrical ranges including the Nexus Metal, White Moulded, Evolve, and Flatplate ranges of colours and finishes. With a smaller range of 12W sockets in the White Moulded and Nexus Metal finishes for those who do not require fast charging and are working to a lower budget.

Future-Proof Safety and Sustainability

Smart charging functionality in these sockets allows for safe and efficient charging of devices, using variable fast technology to protect and prolong battery life by only providing the power a device needs. Once a device is fully charged, the socket will go into standby mode, saving costs on unnecessary power and preventing long term damage to batteries.

This more sustainable charging solution is a great option for consumers who have limited space near sockets or prefer a more minimalist look. The integrated ports reduce the need for additional 3-pin plug adapters or extension leads and as such, reduces electrical waste for the environmentally conscious.

Effortless Installation

BG USB sockets feature colour coded in-line terminals with backed out captive screws and fit a 25mm back box, these sockets adhere to the latest British Standards, ensuring hassle-free integration into architectural projects while upholding top-tier safety standards.

For more information on BG Electrical’s USB-C wall sockets, visit https://bgelectrical.uk/uk/superfast