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Golmar presents the new Sixty 5 G2+ code panel, a 2 non-polarized wire technology development with a cutting-edge design. Sixty 5 is a compact panel, with a solid structure and a clean design, with thanks to the combination of anodized aluminium and acrylic, reaches an IP65 & IK07 level of protection. The ability to choose between natural aluminium or a black finish, and the simplicity of editing the welcome message screen, make Sixty 5 perfectly adaptable to the entrance of any building.

The 130º wide-angle camera allows you to clearly see who is calling at the door, and the 4.3” TFT screen shows the image of the visitor while in communication, letting them know they are being monitored. It is possible to obtain other viewing angles by using an added CCTV camera.

A panel that avoids barriers for people with special needs, improving the accessibility thanks to visual status indications, acoustic messages & the built-in inductive loop amplifier as standard options. The optional information module is a great help for those visitors who are not used to coded panels.

Access control

To increase the security when accessing the building, the Sixty 5 panel offers various access control solutions, being possible to open the door by means of individual numeric PIN codes for each user, or RFID-type proximity fobs, thanks to the integrated dual-frequency reader. It is possible to use EM, Mifare classic & Mifare+ technology. To upgrade the panel with access control advanced features, it is possible to integrate the panel with the IP OPENER access control system from Golmar. The panel has two independent relay outputs for connecting lock releases, which can also be remotely operated using external exit buttons or the SAR-G2+ BUS relay module.

Sixty 5 makes it easy

The embedding box has an innovative installation system that allows differences of up to 15mm to be absorbed, adapting the embedding box to the finishes after the box is installed. Programming has been simplified, thanks to the iconographic on-screen menus & the embedded web server, which allows it to be connected to a network for easy configuration locally or even remotely.

The visitor has two calling methods: directly dialing the apartment number using the keypad or by searching the name in the repertory. It also features a smart search engine for easily filtering the list of resident names with names matching the search.

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