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Energy Saving

IVC Group invests in durability


After a €10million investment in three wind turbines, luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer Moduleo’s parent company IVC Group is now one of the largest ‘green energy producers’ in Europe.

The turbines have been built at the IVC plant in Avelgem, Belgium and are expected to produce 13,3 GWh each year – equivalent to the annual electricity use of more than 2,000 families. This means they will create about one third of the total energy consumed by IVC Group.

Entrepreneur and founder of the IVC Group, Filip Balcaen explains: “Design, functionality and ecology have been our focus from day one, and we’re delighted that the turbines are now operational so we can expand on these values.”

CEO at IVC Group, Jan Vergot describes how the new state-of-the-art production plant is just a part of the company’s investment in renewable energy.  He comments: “IVC is wholly committed to producing the greenest products and even the inks for our vinyl designs are 100 per cent recyclable and have zero emissions.

“We also use the water of a nearby river, the Scheldt, as a coolant. This eliminates 80 per cent of the less environmentally friendly coolants, meaning everything from the process to the products we use makes our manufacturing as green as possible.”

IVC also recently invested €34 million to build a high-tech production plant for Moduleo.  More than a third of a Moduleo flooring is made from recycled materials of a strictly controlled origin; and this investment allows recycling of production waste and raw materials; while also creating 210 jobs locally.

Jan adds: “We are proud to be leading by example through investing in a greener production plant.  The new plant looks great and we look forward to showcasing some new products across all brands in 2015.”


Investment: €10 million

Wind turbine capacity: 2,3 MW each year

Production of the three windmills: 13,3 GWh each year

Dimensions: axle height 113m, rotor diameter 71 m, total tip height 149 m

Construction team of the wind turbines: 70 people


Obtaining of the licenses: December 2012

Contract with Enercon signed: February 2014

Start preparatory earthworks (crane platforms, access roads, temporary parking etc.): May 2014

Start construction of the foundation: early July 2014.

Overall test run wind farm: November – December 2014


For further information, please visit www.moduleo.co.uk or contact the team on 01332 851 500.