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Doors & Windows Safety & Security

J Banks leading the way in window restrictors


Award winning UK hardware manufacturers J.Banks Ltd have been designing, developing and producing door and window products for over one hundred and sixty years.

Following the first design for a concealed window restricting device more than twenty years ago, the company has been actively involved in a continuous programme of design and development, which has now evolved into the most comprehensive range of window restrictors available from any European manufacturer.

Working closely with the major distributors and window companies, J.Banks has developed a wide suite of products designed to meet a variety of applications and window profiles. In recent years the company’s R&D department has recognised the growing need for products that satisfy the new building regulation requirements and the possibility of even more demanding legislation likely in the near future.

To address these safety requirements the company produces a variety of products for either face-fix or concealed applications, available as standard non-locking devices, through to the highly specified range of Res-Lok auto-locking, auto re-engage restrictors, all available with the latest Hold-Open arm option.

In order to accommodate UPVC, Aluminium and Timber windows types and styles, the J.Banks range of restrictors are available in a plated finish and White or Brown powder coated together with a choice of variable height engagement studs or angle bracket studs, depending on specification.

For further product information or to request the latest catalogue please contact
J. Banks Ltd on 01902 864863, email: sales@jbanks.co.uk or visit the new web site at www.jbanks.co.uk