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J. Rotherham introduce new ‘Mythology Series’ Adding 6 colours to its Gemini Quartz Collection


J. Rotherham, leading stonemason and supplier of natural stone and composite surfaces to the bathroom and kitchen industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of new colours in its own Gemini Quartz Range of solid surface worktops; Mythology. Gemini Quartz is a unique stone that combines only the best that nature has to offer alongside the most advanced technology. J. Rotherham’s Mythology Series comprises of a variety of sophisticated shades, which are Ares Grey, Atlas Fossil, Elysian Grey, Olympus White, Pegasus Brown and Poseidon Black, bringing the natural stone colour palette of J. Rotherham’s Gemini Quartz to 25.

Truly popularized, J. Rotherham’s Mythology Series has been recognised by world famous department store, Harrods. This destined collaboration is part of a new second-floor kitchen display in Harrods London, where J. Rotherham has worked with German kitchen manufacturer, SieMatic to incorporate its new colours of Gemini Quartz worktop, as pictured. Drawing from influential nuances and fashions through history in terms of material, style and quality of craftsmanship, this bespoke worktop from J. Rotherham is designed with a unique inlaid checkerboard design, is 50mm thick with a striking Sailors Cap edge profile. The worktop seen in Harrods was handcrafted using the new Elysian Grey and Poseidon Black from the Mythology Series, Gemini Quartz Collection. Made up of at least 90% inorganic components using the most advanced technology that nature has to offer, J. Rotherham’s Gemini Quartz is highly tactile and comparable in weight as natural stone, thus creating a genuine, no compromise alternative to granite and marble. In addition to its natural elegance and beauty, Gemini Quartz creates a non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, scratches and general wear and tear. Providing a sterile work surface, J. Rotherham’s Gemini Quartz reduces the growth of everyday bacteria ensuring easy maintenance and a safe, clean working environment. J. Rotherham’s Gemini Quartz worktops, Mythology Series:

  •  Available in 3 thicknesses
  •  15mm Solid
  •  30mm Solid
  •  15/40-100mm Mitred with a quartz sub frame
  •  Care and maintenance kit is provided with all Gemini worktops
  •  10 year limited warranty
  •  6 finishes – Ares Grey, Atlas Fossil, Elysian Grey, Olympus White, Pegasus Brown, Poseidon Black

Speaking on behalf of J. Rotherham, Commercial Director, Matt Rotherham says, “We’re pleased to expand our Gemini Quartz collection with the Mythology Series as it is a very commercial range for us due to so many consumers embracing natural and bespoke design and craftsmanship.” He continued, “Importantly for us, despite the competitiveness of the composite solid surface market, kitchen retailers are demonstrating a high degree of loyalty to our brand which I feel is attributable to both our skill and quality of product, and the tailored service we can provide.” Est. 1927, J. Rotherham’s critical eye to detail makes way for a comprehensive design service and exclusive product portfolio with precision aesthetics. For further information on this, or any other J Rotherham product please visit www.jrotherham.co.uk call 0845 388 1927