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JUUL | FROST Architects honoured with Malmö City’s Award for Planning and Architecture


Media Evolution City – designed and developed by Copenhagen based JUUL | FROST Architects – has won Malmö City’s Award for Planning and Architecture 2012. Malmö is Sweden’s 3rd largest city and is currently being transformed from an industrial city to a city of knowledge

Media Evolution City has been honoured with Malmö City’s Award for Planning and Architecture. Media Evolution City officially opened in June and today more than 450 media people work in the building. The building houses small, medium sized and large media companies and the objective is to create a meeting place for innovation, business development and match making. JUUL | FROST Architects have opened JFA Studio – a Swedish showroom – in the building and have hereby moved into their own design.

Media Evolution City is developed by JUUL | FROST Architects in close collaboration with Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB and Media Evolution which are responsible for running Media Evolution City. Frames for “new ways of working” characterized by collaboration, synergy and knowledge sharing is the result of the project. Hereby the building becomes a manifestation of the measures that the City of Malmö currently is initiating in order to support the city’s ongoing transformation process.

”We are honoured by the fact that Media Evolution City has been awarded the greatest recognition that the City of Malmö can give to a building project. From the start we have felt that we have been part of creating something unique representing new ways of running companies. This is now officially confirmed. We have also opened our own JFA Studio in the building and are looking ahead to contribute to the future of Media Evolution City by initiating activities and knowledge sharing in the building”, says Flemming Frost, architect maa and co-owner of JUUL | FROST Architects.

In the Jury’s motivation for the award it is emphasized that “The key words for the interior has been openness, coherence and flexibility which the participants undoubtedly have succeed with. (…) Through refurbishment of a former industry hall in Västra Hamnen and new constructions the involved parties have created an exiting working environment in form of an incubator for the media industry with preconditions for creating synergy effects for the companies as well as the surrounding innovation environment. Media Evolution City is a contribution to the city.”  

Media Evolution City is one of a number of new building projects that the Danish office JUUL | FROST Architects are responsible for in Sweden. The office has launched S | M | L Concept housing – a new system for cost optimized and qualitative housing facilities – and are currently also developing housing projects all over Sweden. They are responsible for university buildings at Lund University and Örebro University where they have won campus refurbishment competitions. In total the Copenhagen based office is responsible for more than 90,000 square meters building projects in Sweden over the next couple of years.