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Kantonsschule Heerbrugg High School, Switzerland


This high school near Zurich has been given a sharp new look with the installation of In Opera (UK) Ltd Mariotti brand Terrazzo floor tiles throughout the building.

The material used for this interior is highly resistant and can be honed in situ even after many years. Here it has been installed on mortar and provides durable, sleek flooring for the lobby, corridors, classrooms and stairs. Its exceptional performance and timeless style means that Terrazzo is often used for large scale projects in demanding public environments such as schools, universities, hotels, airports and supermarkets. As well as resilient, it is also impressively versatile: being available in a whole spectrum of colours and a variety of materials. In Opera (UK) Ltd Mariotti brand Terrazzo provides the architect with a wide range of options. Architects like Norman Foster and Renzo Piano have used this material in many of their prestigious projects.

Mariotti brand is a leading trendsetter in terrazzo production and works with major construction companies such as Bilfinger & Berger as well as regularly being referenced in tenders as a material manufacturer.