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Plastic Extruders Ltd: At this year’s Roofex Show, UK matting manufacturer Plastic Extruders exhibited its latest rooftop safety walkway mats – Crossgrip PVC and Crossgrip TPO.

Crossgrip PVC is manufactured from 100% PVC and is compatible with EPDM, PVC and modified bitumen roofs, while Crossgrip TPO, the latest product in the Crossgrip range, is manufactured from non-porous thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and is also compatible with TPO roofs. Both Crossgrip PVC and Crossgrip TPO are designed as a very safe and easily loose laid solution for rooftops, gantries and high level walkways.

They provide a slip resistant surface while protecting the roof membrane and are designed to being impervious to temperature extremes including frost, ice and snow. Due to their flexible construction, the mats will contour over uneven surfaces and imperfections and provide a permanent and safe walkway for service staff and wheeled equipment.

Manufactured in a unique design of cross-directional top ribs with an embossed surface to provide permanent slip resistance and underfoot grip Crossgrip PVC’s 14mm height and Crossgrip TPO’s 12mm height maintain an efficient and drier path over puddles and standing water. Both only require minimal maintenance and will remain stable in winds up to 96 km/h. For anticipated higher wind speeds, a simple loop connection system is available.

Crossgrip PVC is available in 10m rolls and standard widths of 60, 91 and 122cm in Black and Light Grey while Crossgrip TPO comes in white and is supplied in 10m rolls and in 75cm width.

Further information and samples of both Crossgrip products are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd (tel 01268 571116) or visit www.crossgrip.com.