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Kitemark Approval Confirms Manufacturers Leading Advantage in Press Fit Fittings


Following the announcement earlier this year that Pegler Yorkshire has acquired the prestigious Kitemark BS8537 approval for its XPress range of gas and water press fittings, the company is experiencing an increase in sales.

Pegler Yorkshire received the approval for its XPress Copper water and gas press fitting ranges in sizes 12, 15, 22 and 28mm for type 1 (water) fittings and 15, 22, and 28mm type 2 (gas) fittings. The BS 8537:2010 certification assures plumbing and heating professionals of the quality and value of this product range. Pegler Yorkshire’s certification also assures that the XPress fittings are approved for use with copper tubes which meet requirements of BS EN 1057. The range now boasts the esteemed Kitemark which demonstrates regular independent batch testing and auditing to assure the integrity of the products, plus the company’s own global XPress branding.

Kathleen Bramwell, Product Market Manager for fittings at Pegler Yorkshire commented: “Receiving this endorsement from the world renowned BSI has only served to reaffirm our commitment to customers for high performance and quality by providing the best products on the market, which has been evident in both the interest and increase in XPress Copper sales.

“The Pegler Yorkshire name is synonymous with quality and the Kitemark certification for XPress Copper provides the independent recognition assuring we deliver high quality assured products, systems and solutions. We have now taken the next step on the approval’s ladder complementing the existing suite of approvals whilst still continuing to be innovative and developing our product ranges.”

The XPress Copper range of fittings stretches across a global market and is used by plumbing and heating professionals operating within the domestic and mechanical and engineering sectors. The XPress Copper range has become the choice product for many due to its unique and unrivalled features such as an approved gas range up to 108mm; solar options and a chrome plated range ideal for exposed pipe works. This should not detract from the Leak Before Press (LBP) feature; which provides instant identification of joints that have been assembled correctly but mistakenly left unpressed, the size and breadth of the range; which comprises over 780 fittings in a size range from 12mm to 108mm, and its heat free jointing properties.

For the installer XPress offers speed of installation producing installed cost savings. Additionally, XPress also saves time immediately after installation as the XPress system is intrinsically clean, there is no need for adhesive curing or long flushing times and all this also negates the need for hot work permits which also reduces the risk of fire on site. Furthermore, Pegler Yorkshire also boasts a range of XPress branded tooling which has been specifically developed to ensure the XPress range of fittings are installed with efficiency and precision every time.

Kathleen continued: “When specifying or installing a product it is imperative that customers understand the quality, and its intrinsic value. Our research has shown that manufacturer’s guarantees coupled with recognised and highly acclaimed industry standards instantly reassure customers of the quality and reliability of a product.”