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Do you know your role in BIM?


The construction industry is something of a melting pot when it comes to the subject of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Some industry stakeholders are well versed in BIM and the year old Government mandate. Others have heard of BIM, but don’t yet recognise its relevance in their day-to-day work. Another portion of the industry is yet to hear about BIM at all. This disparate situation is both challenging and complex for the industry when the basic notion behind BIM relies upon collaboration and cooperation.

The construction industry is no stranger to change. Stroma Certification’s recent history included a prominent role in upskilling energy assessors to perform domestic assessments under the Green Deal. As a company we are committed to a strategy of evolution and adaptation to ensure our members and clients have the requisite skills to perform their roles competently and successfully in a competitive industry. Today, and since the Government mandated BIM Level 2 on construction projects funded through the public sector, we are attempting to educate stakeholders about their roles and responsibilities under BIM.

Stroma Certification has recently launched a BIM Certification scheme and BIM Foundations training course to the construction industry for this very reason. BIM Foundations is a one-day course designed to give a basic understanding of the principles behind BIM and how it can be applied within the industry. It offers a guide to the process of becoming certified. BIM Certification is a scheme which certifies an organisation or individual to manage a project in line with the requirements of PAS 1192-2, the standard which governs the information management of BIM Level 2. Our challenge is to educate the industry and explain how BIM relates to the existing services carried out by industry professionals.

We have identified three roles in PAS 1192-2 which are aligned to the lifecycle of an asset: Employers, Lead Suppliers and the Task Team. Lead Suppliers coordinate the delivery of design and construction project information. In other words they are the person or organisation who controls the project during its planning, design, or construction phases. The role of Lead Supplier is usually assigned to Lead Designers or Lead Contractors (such as project managers, architects or planners). Apart from leading the project, a Lead Supplier is also responsible for assembling the Task Teams.

BIM requires information about a project and asset to be compiled in a common format. The Task Teams feed this data to the Lead Supplier, which is usually aligned to a particular task or output during the process. Task Teams are made up by the wider supply chain, usually subcontractors. These roles are fulfilled by consultants, surveyors and installers amongst many other disciplines and services. If an individual or organisation is employed by another contractor then it is highly likely that they would be certified as a Task Team.

Under PAS 1192-2, Employers tend to be the client for the project (or could be a Lead Supplier themselves). They appoint the Lead Supplier to manage the project on their behalf. Our BIM Certification scheme offers certification to the Lead Supplier and Task Team roles. The certification process involves a scoping exercise where it can be determined which roles are being carried out by an individual or organisation.

Though the roles may have a unique name in BIM, the actual disciplines are no different than those done by members of the construction industry for years. The real change under BIM is the method of collecting and organising the data about the project and asset. BIM Certification and BIM Foundations are the means through which Stroma hopes to help upskill the industry to face its future.

Applications for BIM Certification are welcome via stroma.com/bim and BIM Foundations training course dates are available throughout 2017 for only £395+VAT. Our friendly customer team is also accepting enquiries on 0845 621 11 11 (ext.603).

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