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Know what you’re getting with Automated Windows – for Design, Energy and Better Indoor Environments.


Much has been said in recent times about the need for better control over indoor ventilation; In residential properties that can be as simple as having easy access to windows for purging the space, and for more densely occupied spaces like schools and offices – it’s about finding a cost effective way to deliver just enough ventilation at the right times using as little energy as possible while fitting in with the design aspirations and occupants of your new or existing building.

Window automation offers a host of benefits. For out of reach windows or rooflights – compact or concealed actuators fitted to the windows enable remote operation via a wall switch, remote, or phone app. Via a hidden controller these can also be linked to a rain sensor to close them in the event of poor weather. The most important factors here are how the product looks, and dependability – having a product that is both cost effective and able to be forgotten – delivering it’s duty, trouble free, for many happy years to come.

For larger buildings the principle is similar, but more sophisticated controllers used in conjunction with the right actuators allow a host of magic to happen so you know what the building owner is truly getting:

The ability to have windows gently react to indoor conditions and weather to find the right balance of ventilation, comfort and energy performance helps deliver commitments to occupant wellbeing, sustainability and reduce running costs

Pre-emptive ventilation of spaces in Winter before occupants widely occupy the building, and Night Cooling in summer are two strategies that can securely help to optimise comfort levels, indoor air quality and enhance building energy usage

The option of proven onboard logic or network friendly controls that can be operated with direct commands to window groups via the BMS

The ability to not just power windows, but to talk to them – knowing their position and health status at any time, while making them operate more quietly for automated routines or be able to confirm security status

Part of knowing what you’re going to get through the life of the building is finding and specifying the right product during design stages; Selecting actuators for either of the above applications has never been easier and WindowMaster’s ‘Actuator Finder’ makes finding that right product almost instant, as well as confirming key information like opening areas and fitting arrangements.


You can be safe in the knowledge that the products you are selecting from have been proven through thousands of buildings in Europe, and have frequently been the preferred choice of designers and building owners at the likes of Harvard University, Bloomberg Offices, University of London – Surrey – Manchester and Glasgow, as well as being the chosen product for a host of OEM rooflight manufacturers.

What’s more WindowMaster also offers design support and with local stockists in the UK, it’s possible to easily specify the right product and have it delivered and ready for service within days, all backed by a quality brand and local sales support network.

Know what you’re getting with Automated Windows, and contact WindowMaster for friendly support


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