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Landmark Skyscraper Achieves LEED Silver


The MesseTurm Frankfurt is one of the first skyscrapers in Europe to receive a LEED Silver certification in the category ‘Existing Buildings’. The distinction has been awarded by the internationally recognised sustainability certification program LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) following an assessment of the building’s features and operations management processes. In addition, a LEED Gold certification was awarded for the interior construction and design of the new BNY Mellon office in the MesseTurm.

The city centre location, the outstanding conception and substance of the skyscraper as well as its operations management concepts are the distinguishing features that have gained the MesseTurm a LEED certification. Moreover, as is emphasised by the real estate consulting firm Drees & Sommer Advanced Building Technologies, several processes recently implemented in the areas of technology and operations have presumably played a prominent role in the LEED assessment.

Ingo Langner, property manager MesseTurm, GGM Gesellschaft für Gebäude- Management mbH, points out that the efficient use of energy is crucial for international competitiveness in the building sector. “It is a matter of course that a building as prominent as the MesseTurm addresses the topics of energy efficiency and sustainability and strives to play a model role in this field!”

“We are extremely proud of the fact that the MesseTurm, a classical skyscraper, has now been admitted to the list of premium buildings that can boast a LEED certification, and we want to share this award with the public. International tenants like ours consider the topic of sustainability to be of utmost importance,” Heike Beyer, head of leasing and marketing, explains. On the occasion of the LEED certification, the top of the MesseTurm will be illuminated in green from September 20th to October 20th 2012.

The MesseTurm Frankfurt ranks among the most popular buildings in Germany. The 63 floors of the high-rise offer a total of almost 62,000sqm of office space. Every floor comprises some 1,200 sqm of space that can be used as single, combined or open-plan offices. The building provides a total of 3,500 state-of-the-art working units and houses Germany’s highest offices, its total height being 257 metres.

For more information see www.messeturm-frankfurt.com