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MHA Lighting has helped Manchester Airport cut its lighting energy consumption by 63 per cent through a third major lighting installation.

With its award-winning low energy luminaires and ability to design bespoke solutions, MHA Lighting has become one of the airport’s preferred suppliers, supplying more than £500,000 worth of energy-saving lighting products to the airport in the last 18 months.

The latest project includes replacing under canopy lighting with MHA’s patented C Lite technology.

This project replaced 400 watt (without ballast) Metal Halides with their C Lite product – the C90/700. This unit uses just 180 watts (including ballast) and will replace the Metal Halides on a one-for-one basis. Installed at a height of 9 meters, it will provide 180 Lux to the floor.

MHA Lighting MD Tom Harrison said:

“We have a great relationship with Manchester Airport and very much enjoy working with an airport that is forward thinking.

“Their commitment to the green agenda and becoming carbon neutral is impressive and we are delighted to be playing our part in helping them achieve their goal.

“Everyone at the airport has been delighted that MHA has been able to achieve all their project objectives, including improved levels and quality of lighting, energy reduction targets and providing the simplest installation solution.

“In addition they are pleased with the aesthetic appearance of MHA Lighting’s lights which complimented the modern image of the airport.”  In 2009, Manchester Airport made a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and set out to be the first airport group to have carbon neutral ground operations by 2015.     In November 2010, MHA Lighting supplied 2140 LB Lite LED lights for Manchester Airport’s Terminal Two and Three multi-storey car parks, which will achieve an overall Co2 reduction of 3170 tonnes over the product lifetime.

MHA Lighting’s fittings were then again selected for Terminal Two Arrivals and Departures concourse and baggage reclaim hall to replace 280watt metal halides (including ballast losses).

There, MHA installed the High Bay TiLite – which is just 123 watts with ballast and delivers 300 lux to the floor. These lights replaced metal Halides on a one-for-one basis and not only improved lighting levels and uniformity but instantly achieved a 57% energy saving.

The team at MHA Lighting are skilled at integrating intelligent electronics firmware and software into their lighting solutions.

The High Bay TiLites have been supplied with control gear that works alongside Manchester Airport’s Building Management System, which in turn will work alongside aircraft flight movements interface (once completed).   This means that they can dim the lights in empty passenger zones, but automatically switch the lights back on when aircraft have landed, further reducing energy consumption and costs.

Jonathan Beswick, Project Technician, Manchester Airport, said:   “Their products have more than exceeded our expectations and we are delighted to have been able to work closely with MHA to find the right solutions for different applications within the airport.

“MHA Lighting is demonstrating right here at Manchester Airport that with forward thinking design, it is possible to improve light levels, while reducing energy consumption and carbon impact.