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Lucas earns five star rating from Achilles BuildingConfidence


Lucas has for the first time earned a hard-won five star rating from Achilles BuildingConfidence, the independent accreditation service used widely by the UK construction industry.

In order to gain an accreditation in the first place, supplier companies must undergo a rigorous audit of their management systems covering in particular quality control, health and safety standards, environmental best practices and general working practices. By winning a five star rating, Lucas has demonstrated that we have maintained these highest standards consistently over a number of years.

Achilles BuildingConfidence is designed to meet the increasingly demanding legislative and risk management needs of construction clients and is managed by an industry Steering Group compromising of members from across the sector to drive industry best practice.

Rod McInnerney, Lucas’s SQE Manager, said: “The audit sifts right through our management systems and benchmarks all that we do against best practices. I’m delighted to say that we’ve been given an absolutely clean bill of health.”