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Make a statement with a luxurious shower enclosure from AQATA


Celebrating 27 years of design innovation, AQATA the leading UK designer and manufacturer of premium quality shower enclosures presents an exceptional line-up of stunning shower enclosures, screens and walk-ins, styled specifically to create luxurious shower spaces.

A luxury shower enclosure can make a real style statement and a stunning focal point in the bathroom. So simple yet impressive, a first class enclosure made from the finest quality materials exudes style and creates a sumptuous spa like environment. Combined with a clever layout and some creativity, an eye-catching enclosure from Aqata will transform a room into a beautiful place of wellbeing and relaxation. Whether installed in a corner, recess area or centrally positioned, Aqata’s designs blend form and functionality perfectly providing the perfect water barrier.

aq2The Exclusive Solutions ES215 corner option offers timeless elegance and quality that enhances any bathroom style from contemporary to timeless classic. The elegant hinged door is constructed with 8mm thick toughened glass with polished edges and surface mounted hinges, providing maximum access and a stunning showering space.

Brimming with stylish originality, the Minimalist M300 and M305 walk-ins are uniquely designed with generous curved glass screens to provide spacious showering areas. The clear toughened safety glass has concealed fixings and adjustable wall profiles which provide fitter friendly easy installation with extra strength and rigidity.

The Spectra SP447TS walk-in upstages everything else in the room. The outstanding frameless glass walk-in screen with hinged panel has clean lines and polished chrome detailing. Installed in the centre of the wall, this three sided enclosure has a functional 350mm folding panel which can be positioned to deflect overspray or can be folded back for easy access, offers the perfect combination of design and efficiency.

The eye-catching design of the Spectra SP446C will immediately grab the attention of even the most discerning consumer. With a practical 350mm hinged panel, it is equipped with Aqata’s unique waterproof bonding system which facilitates easy installation. This innovative enclosure is great for corner spaces or in the centre of a wall.

aq3The Spectra SP440 is a striking double entry shower screen. Gleaming glass and polished chrome components are used to produce an enclosure which instantly transforms a room into a beautiful showering haven. Both durable and functional, it is the perfect choice for those wanting to create the illusion of space, with a modern, seamless look.

The Spectra SP390 and SP395 offer wet room showering with stunning curve appeal. Designed to fit a corner, the Spectra SP390 spans a width of 1320mm with curved frameless glass providing a generous showering space. The Spectra SP395 offers sensational frameless glass curves in a double-entry design which opens out the space and provides the ultimate in wet room style and luxury. Installed parallel to the wall, the glass is held securely in place by made to measure wall braces with polished chrome screen brackets.

In order to keep your shower enclosure in pristine condition, all Aqata enclosures can be ordered with ClearShield™, a glass protection system which makes care and maintenance a simple task. This completely transparent hydrophobic surface coating is bonded with the glass to form a ‘non stick’ barrier which will repel water and resist lime-scale, hard water and soap deposits and other build up.