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Mastervolt Soladin Web Wins at the Solar UK Industry Awards 2013


“Mastervolt is delighted to have won this award, particularly because the Soladin WEB is based on a new philosophy: instead of building an inverter and then thinking about its communication interface, Mastervolt incorporated the experiences and expectations of Internet users directly into the development process. This has led to an especially high need to develop the product’s usability, which is why we have ensured that the power inverter can be installed in a few steps and that monitoring is really easy,” explains David Bassie Product Manager Solar.

Despite its compact size, the Soladin WEB is the first inverter of its class to come as standard with integrated, easy-to-use Wi-Fi combined with free, user-friendly online monitoring via the IntelliWeb portal. This allows even owners of small plants to monitor their investment without any prior technical knowledge, additional devices or software. The Soladin WEB is also the first inverter of its class whose firmware can be updated remotely via the internet.

The new Soladin series boasts all features of the Mastervolt IntelliConcept. These include the intelligent startup procedure IntelliStart, which extends the annual operating time by up to 200 hours. IntelliGrid reduces production losses in case of voltage dips in the grid. The performance of the smart IntelliTrack has been simulated and tested with results of 99.9% static MPPT efficiency and a 99.7% dynamic MPPT efficiency. The silent IntelliCool system ensures stable high efficiency and constant high power. Taken together, these features result in up to 10% extra yield compared with systems without the IntelliConcept.

Thanks to the integrated HF transformer and the wide input voltage range, the inverters can be used with all PV modules. For quick and easy installation, every Soladin WEB is equipped with ‘quick connect’ AC terminals and safe DC connectors.