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When is a mat not a mat?


Visual design, environment and function are 3 key requirements from any client but when it comes to design on a large scale how do you keep it looking and functioning as it did on Day 1. 

That’s the challenge, especially if your design relates to a large commercial business where cleanliness is imperative.  The rise of technical cleanliness, Industry 4.0, robotics and audit accreditations escalates the need for an effective barrier against contamination of dirt and debris.  Constant traffic, whether pedestrian or automotive, literally drives in contaminates yet proactive preventative solutions are quite often an oversight.

So, that’s where the original question come in.   When is a mat not a mat?

  • When the brushes automatically sweep dirt off wheels or even the deep tread of work shoes.
  • When it removes up to 23KG per week from footwear!
  • When it holds that dirt in a hidden tray without putting it back onto the next person or forklift truck!
  • When it reduces traditional reactive cleaning by up to 78%!
  • When it comes with a lifetime guarantee on the tray and grate, with a brush system that is good for 500,000 passages!

For any architect that views their design (visual and function) as an extension of themselves, they need to find an effective pro-active solution to the common reactive nature of dirt/debris cleaning and ensure that it features in the design specifications.

Profilgate, is already used by major brands across the globe and here in the UK is used by Jaguar Land Rover, BMW Mini, United Biscuits and Weetabix to name just a few.   It’s also not uncommon in the non-commercial space such as high end garages where the cleanliness of an epoxy resin floor is a significant objective to the clients design brief.

Every week approximately 23kgs of debris is vacuumed up out of the trays and this is dirt that would otherwise be carried into a food manufacturing environment and therefore had the potential to cause contamination of our product.  Moreover our retail customers were intrigued by this innovative matting system when they first saw it and are very positive about the proactive investment the site has made.”   Tom Culyer, UBUK Regional HSE Manager, United Biscuits.

Profilgate has also helped drive and recognize innovation for its clients, namely Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull where a key member of the JLR team recognised how Profilgate would add real value and in turn was recognised with a Certificate of Excellence.

For more information on the Profilgate system, please visit UnisanUK and search for Profilgate or email sales@unisanuk.com