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Plastic Extruders Ltd: Tuff Spun anti-fatigue matting, supplied by Plastic Extruders Ltd, is helping keep workers safe and comfortable at The Good Book Company in Epsom, Surrey.

The Good Book Company is a Christian-based resource provider providing Communities and churches with training guides and literature. With a busy international mail-order business, warehouse staff was finding it uncomfortable standing for long periods and constantly walking across the bare concrete floor.

The solution was to install Tuff Spun, a cost effective and high performance matting designed to reduce standing fatigue. Manufactured from high density foam with a bonded heavy duty and ribbed slip resistant top layer, the matting reduces fatigue and makes standing more comfortable. Tuff Spun is ideal for laying behind serving counters and in light production areas or to create long comfortable walkways in situations like this book-store.

Black or grey Tuff Spun is available in rolls 18m long and 91cm wide as well as in individual module sizes of 60 x 91cm, 150 x 91cm and 300 x 91cm. All rolls and modules are supplied with sealed bevelled edges as standard to reduce tripping. An optional yellow edge on both sides is also available to delineate safe walkways.

Samples and information are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd (tel 01268 571116) or visit www.plastexmatting.com